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Monday, November 9, 2020

Best Photo Editing Software

Best Photo Editing Software

Almost everyone is doing Photo editing of their family and their own photo. There are lot of photo editing software are available for al platforms like windows, iOS and Android. I recommend Adobe Photoshop for photo editing works.

There are lot of versions available in photoshop. but in local photoshop you may see they will use photoshop 7 only. This is only because of speed.

Latest Version

For latest version of photoshop needs powerful processor, also need extra RAM. This is the main reason why people don't like to install latest version in their personal computer.

But latest version have lot of advance features, it will definitely much helpful to complete your work faster than before. 

Old version

In old version of photoshop also have almost every features which are available in the latest version. But you need to find the feature by yourself. if you know the shortcut key it may helpful to work in photoshop.

In old version for everything you need to go files, views, tools, and options which are given in the photoshop.

New version

Always upgrading to new version is the best choice for photoshop users. because it will reduce your working hours. lot shortcut buttons available in latest version.

System Requirement

For latest version of photoshop you need at least 4 cores in your processor and it must be above i3 or i5. Generation 8th generation is okay for good performance. but if you have more configuration than this your computer will perform better.

RAM: At least 16 GB of RAM is needed for best performance, but if you have only 8 GB of RAM that is also okay to work. But if you face any performance issue you may close all unwanted running programs. Usually lot of installed software will run in the background, that application or software will keep run. that may slow down your performance.

Increase Performance

You can close the running programs from the task manager of your computer. In window 7 you can also control the startup running programs. by disabling the unwanted startup software will defiantly increase the performance of your computer even if you are using low configuration computer.


RAM plays major part of performance, because all the temporary files of any software which are currently running in the background with the help of Random access memory. So my recommendation is upgrade your RAM as much possible.


processor is also very importance for performance. for any kind of video editing or phot editing software need good amount of ram and processor.

What are the things you do in Photoshop

In photoshop you do so many things, but most of them using photoshop just increase the color of the skin tone and background removal process only.

In latest version of photoshop you don't need do lot of work for removing background. there are so many tools available for removing the background. if the background have only one color, it is easy to remove the background. but if you are stand behind the leaves are some other place, you can cut the human from the photo and paste it another background.

Which Photo editing software is best

For PC photoshop is the best software, for android mobile lot applications available in the google Play Store, also same in the iOS.

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