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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Chandramukhi Story My Review



Chandramukhi is super star Rajinikanth movie. Jothika acted as ghost. But looks like mental only. almost everyone likes this movie. Vadivelu comedy is big plus to this movie. 


Movie starts with fight scene, during fight background music is good to hear. after few minutes intro song is coming. But it looks very old, all songs in that movie is like 80s movie songs. But most of them like that type of songs till. Ra Ra song is the most famous song in that movie.

Rajini Name is Saravanan in this movie, Nayanthara name is durga. and lot of unwanted character are also available in this movie. it is a remake movie only but it is one of the biggest hit of Ranjinikanth.

Big Palace

Saravana friend bought a new Palace in his village. but everybody in his house don't like that villa because of Palace. But Prabu likes that very much so he bought it. Prabu relations are also stayed in that house. Jothika went to Chandramuki room. Nasir already warn everyone please don't go Chandramuki room.

Jothika become Ghost

Chandramuki enters into jothika and she acted like Chandramuki. She want to marry a boy who lives opposite to that palace. if you don't see any logic this movie is good. But if you see 1% logic this movie is comedy movie.

Rajini is Doctor, he help his friend to make jothiya normal. actually this character was booked by actress Soundarya, but unfortunately she died in a flight crass. if she acted in this movie. it will be very good when compare to jothika. 

Thought the movie Vadivelu acted very well. lot of double meaning jokes are there in the movie. And no body know why big snake is in the palace for long years. But the film is liked by almost everyone. you can see more than 90 % of tamil movie audience likes this movie. 


Chanramuki ghost go away from jothika, and the unwanted Snake also leaves the palace. Don't ask where it goes. That mystery is not even know by the director. 

Is it Worth To Watch

Definitely this movie is worth to watch with family, Good entertain movie. 1 time watchable movie. Nayanthara's character is like guest role. but she came thought out the movie. Our Rating is 3 out of 5. 

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