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Sunday, November 8, 2020

CSK's Bad Performance in IPL 2020


CSK's Bad Performance in IPL 2020

Chennai Super kings is one of the best Teams in the IPL. It is only competitor against Mumbai Indians. 

First Match in 2020 ipl

They won their first match against Mumbai Indians. MI have very good batting and Bowling. This victory gives very happy to CSK fans. but in next matches they loose continuously. MI fans are started trolling CSK because of their loss. MI won almost very match in this IPL. May be they will won this IPL.

Dhoni's Mistake

Dhoni did not give chance to youngsters in this IPL. Kedar Jadav and Puyush chawla did not played well not even in single match. but MS Dhoni gives opportunity to them only. Because of this mistake CSK loss almost every Match.

Last Place in Table

In every IPL CSK will be in top 4 rank. but this is the first time we are seeing CSK is in the last place. Fans are not happy. Even CSK fans started trolling their team members. Dhoni also did not played well in a single match

Retirement Of Dhoni

Almost Dhoni did not play international cricket for 1 year, this IPL is also like International cricket only, because lot of good International players are playing in this IPL cricket matches. So may be he need more practice for a good gameplay.

Sam Curron

Sam Curron is England player, he played very well in almost every match. He got more fans in Tamil Nadu. because his performance. His nick name is Kadai kutty singam and chuti kulanthai. Means young Favorite player of the team.

He bowled very well, he did his job good. when compare to other this man is far better than most of the player in the Chennai Super Kings. This time CSK played like Chennai Sumar Kings.

Local Player

After lot of the loss CSK made some changes in their team. Then CSK got victory again. Tamil Nadu Player Jagadeesan played very well in his 1st match of this IPL season. But don't know why he did get not chance to play another matches. 

After few matches Jagadesan got Chance to play the match, but he did not get chance to bat. Lot of good players available in CSK but they did not get enough chance.


Imran Tahir is a good bowler but he also did not get chance to play. Even Puyush Chawla get more matches to play. these kind of big mistakes only CSK lost this Tournament.

Did not Qualify for Play off

From the starting of the IPL season the team got selected in all season Play off. But this is the first time CSK did not qualify for play off. This makes not happy to CSK fans. They started to troll both Dhoni and Kedar jadav are same and useless.

Hat trick win

After lot of loss CSK got hat trick win against RCB, KKR, KXIP. all these teams are in the top 3. This win will get help CSK to qualify for play off. But KXIP and KKR lost chance to qualify playoff.

Hope next CSK will perform better

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