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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Geetha Govindam Tamil Review

 Geetha Govindam Review


Geetha Govindam is telugu movie. Later it dubbed in Tamil language also but Not released in Theatre. It's a wonderful love story between two young couple.

Cast: Vijay, Rashmika

Bus Travel

Story Begins in a bus travel in midnight. Hero is very good boy, he respect all women same as his family members. Actress Rashmika name is Geetha in this movie. Geetha sit next to vijay. He likes her very much and started to love her. She also trust him because of his behavior. After hours everyone is sleeping, Vijay was so happy to site next to a beautiful girl.

Drank Friend

Vijay call to his friend and inform he started love rashmika, but that friend could not believe that. And he said during night time kiss that girl. But Vijay don't like to do that. But he want to take selfie with Geetha. When he came closer to Rashmika suddenly bus driver put break. Vijay kissed Geetha in lips.

Angry Bird Geetha

Geetha got very angry about his activity, her brother is a police officer, and she informed about this indecent to brother. He got angry, and tries to kill Vijay. Vijay explained I tried to take selfie only, but the bus driver suddenly put breaks, And said sorry. But Geetha not listen anything. So Vijay broke the ac bus glass and run away.

Next Day Morning

Vijay reached his house for his sister's marriage. his is going to marry Geetha's policer officer brother. So Geetha also came to Vijay's house. Both meet each other and got shocked. Geetha likes his family members. So she did not say anything about Vijay to his brother. Vijay request Geetha please don't say anything to your brother until his sister marriage finish.

Marriage work

For all Marriage purchase both Vijay and Geetha goes together for shopping. Vijay is College professor. He looks handsome so lot of girls starts love him. but he don't accept any girl proposal. One student send a bad photo to Vijay. Geetha saw that when Vijay went to hotel. She got shocked and started Vijay and his family is very bad.

She asked him, You only bad character in your family or everyone is same like that. Vijay loves his family then anything in the world. Both started fight. Geetha reach her hostel through auto. Vijay went to her hostel to check weather she reached safe or not.

Geetha Impressed

Geetha likes this activity, next day both went to Geetha's  company md house. her daughter only send bad photo to Vijay. So Geetha asked about that video to her. She said Vijay is very good boy, he can do anything but he came to my house advice to my daughter. Geetha realized her mistake. started love Vijay.


Both Vijay and Geetha family decides to fix marriage between Vijay and Geetha, She become very happy when hear that news. She asked about that to Vijay. But he said I am not interested to marry you. Then how both got married is the remaining story.

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