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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Ghajini Tamil Movie Review


Ghajini Tamil Movie Review


Ghajini is one of different movie in Tamil cinema industry directed by AR Murugadoss. He is a very famous director. Cast Surya and Asin

Story begins in a fight scene between Surya and the villain group. Surya as Sanjay Ramasamy and Asin as Kalpana. Sanjay Ramasamy was chairman of famous mobile in Tamil Nadu. His main is to sell 5 core mobile in Tamil Nadu. He gave a wonder full Speech.


Surya intro scene is really amazing in this movie with clean shaved head with mark in his head. Especially music give great support. Harris Jayaraj Compose very well in this movie. Kalpana works in a advertisement company. She is junior artist. At one time that director thinks Sanjay Ramasamy loves Kalpana.

She got more add film opportunity because every starts she is lover of Sanjay Ramasamy. One news reporter came to the shooting spot. She said full fake love story between Kalpana and Sanjay Ramasamy to the reporter, He ask shall I note everything what you are saying. she said yes you can write whatever you want. The reporter writes everything what Kalpana said and post in their website and publish that article in their news paper.

Article About Sanjay

This makes angry for Sanjay Ramasamy, he going to meet Kalpana and ask why you give interview like this. But on the way to reach Kalpana advertisement company, he meet a girl who helps handicap school student while in the signal. He like that girl.

Then he reach Kalpana office and enter into her room, suddenly he got shock, few minutes before he saw this girl only in the signal. So he did not speak anything to her. But Kalpana thinks he is also a junior artist, Sanjay starts to speak something but, She starts to explain the love between the Sanjay and Kalpana.

He like that story very much and also he really likes the innocent behavior of Kalpana. So he kept silent hear the full fake story. Then they become good friends. One day add company owner prints Sanjay name in the Invitation letter of one program.

Kalpana comedy

Kalpana said it is highly impossible Sanjay is not free and he will not come at any cost. But the manger request her and she said ok. Finally she fix a junior artist for act as Sanjay, but did not acted well. that time Real Sanjay came their and starts giving training to that duplicate Sanjay. Suddenly Kalpana said you act as Sanjay Ramasamy, Real Sanjay also accept it.

He came in a costly car, everyone is very happy now, reporters are also came to that function and asks some questions to Sanjay, Kalpana is very happy now.

After the function both Kalpana and Sanjay travels in a bus and both were laughing, suddenly Sanjay said I love you, Kalpana did not except this proposal from Manohar ( She don't know anything about Real Sanjay ).


Kalpana was killed by villain, and he attacks Sanjay also, his brain totally got damage, he lost his memory power. How he kill the villain is the remaining story. Must watch movie.

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