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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Jeeva Movie Tamil Review Vishnu and Sri Drivya

 Jeeva Movie Tamil Review


Jeeva is cricket based Tamil movie Directed by susindran, Cast Vishnu Vishal ( Jeeva ) and Sri divya ( Jeni ). Story begins in childhood age of Jeeva. He lost his mother at the age of 3. So he always stays in neighbor house. They treated him as their own child.

Jeeva always play cricket , his father don't like that. because Jeeva did not concentrate on studies. So many times Jeeva School teachers complaint about him. He always lost the ball while playing cricket, that time Jeeva's neighbor sister bought new ball and gave to Jeeva.

Cricket Selection

One day cricket selection in school level for sports day. Jeeva participate and got selected. That time PET teacher said Jeeva do you have bat. He said yes, because if you have bat only you can participate in sports day. Jeeva said yes sir I have bat.

Jeeva came to his house and he is not happy because he don't have bat. He did not talk to anyone. His sister ask what is your problem do you want ball. But he did not replay. Then neighbor came and ask his problem. he said I want bat, Uncle said ok I make a bat with wood. But Jeeva said I want real bat.

New Bat

Jeeva got new bat and he is happy now. after 10 years Jeeva become very good cricketer. one sport club offers free couching for Jeeva. His uncle recommends to Jeeva's father about his cricket couching. He also like to join, cricket is also good game, he is very good player one day he will become very big player. so must encourage him. 

Sri Divya came next to Jeeva house. She calls Jeeva as brother. first day she came to his house and ask sugar for milk. She also a school student. One day Jeeva went to Sri Divya house for ask something. But Sri divya and her sister drinks wine. he finds wine bottle in her room. She request please don't inform it to anybody. Jeeva said for that you need to do one favor for me. She ask what, he said give me one glass of wine daily.

Love Begins

He said you need to give daily wine, she also accepts that. Jeeva asked her if you take daily your father will find one day. For that she said , she will mix tea powder in wine. She is very beautiful her school mate started giving love toucher to her. he informs about this matter to Jeeva. Then he said me and Jeni love together and the problem solved.

Jeeva said thanks for saying you are loving me for solving the problem. But she said who lied. i will drink wine, but i will not lie. Both were smile. One song came during that time. That was a very good song. Both looks so young and cute in that song.


How he came Indian cricket player and what are the problems he faced during selection. he lost his friend because of selection committee. Finally he become a very successful cricket player now. Must watch movie.

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