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Friday, November 20, 2020

Mukuthi Amman Movie Review

 Mukuthi Amman Review

Mookuthi Aman movie is a very good movie. everyone is enjoying this movie right now. it is released in Hot star application. let's discuss  about its story and review of this movie in detail.

Cast: RJ Balaji, Nayanthara


RJ Balaji is working in a small tv station as a reporter. her mother likes to go all temple. His 1st sister is school dropped, second sister is studying air hostlers and last sister is studying in a christen school. Orvasi acting is very good in this movie. Nayanthara acted as aman she did a pefect job in this movie.


Before Release movie. music is not so much good. but the theme theme music is soo much good to here. Songs are so good after watch with the video. 


RJ Balaji search a bride for him, but no one is ready to marry him because his father went way from the home when he was studying 5th standard. But he loves his family very much. He is getting enough salary from his job.

Orvasi Acting

As usual she acted very well. In most of the scene her comedy make you laugh much. But in some sentiment scene tears may come in your eyes.

Main Theme

Main theme story of the movie is lot of cheater are alive in this world, so we need to aware every second. lot of people spreading wrong news about the god. Their target is to get more money from the people. so wee need to aware of it.

God Came front of RJ Balaji

Aman came in front of Balaji and ask what you want, he asked lot of thing and god also given that to him. Now he very happy now. but he forget to ask to reopen his father hotel. so again went to Mukuthi aman temple and ask aman to give that hotel also. that is the only thing is remaining in my life.

Both went to his house. but suddenly his house car and everything gone. his old house and old car came back. That time god said you did not believe me that why I gave everything to you. Now you believe me so no need to proof  anything to you. 

Amman God Condition

Aman want to her temple to become popular for that RJ Balaji helps god. God came only to save the forest land from the Samiyar. Both plans to show everyone that samiyar is fake.


In Climax Mukuthi amman Temple got famous. RJ Balaji is also very happy now. That samiyar got arrested by the police. A must watch movie. you can watch this movie with family.

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