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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Poove Unakkaga Theme Story

Poove Unakkaga Serial Theme


A love story between two friends and one boy. Name of the Main character in this serials are Kathir, Povarasi and kerthi. This serial is little bit different when compare to other serial which are running in Sun tv.


Both Kathir and Keerthi loves together. They meet each other in somewhere and they like each other very much. Keerthi's friend name is Povarasi. she is very beautiful girl, so her cousin want to marry her. But he is not a boy. he like all girls. His character is not good. So no know likes to give Poovarasi to that Cousin.

Poovarasi Told her problem to Keethi. Both Poovarasi and Kerthi are thick friends from college. First day of the college Keethi went to college, that time Senior students starts ragging. Poovarasi saw that and she said Keerthi is Assistant commissioner daughter. Seniors got afraid after hearing that. From that incident both become Friends.

Cancel Marriage of Poovarasi

Both Keerthi and Poovarasi Plans to cancel her marriage with that bad boy cousin. For that Keerthi said my friend Kathir will act as your lover. This is the turning point of the story.

Poovarasi likes kathir's activity and she stared love kathir. She said I love your friend Kathir so much. Keerthi loves Poovarasi very much. She don't want to loose her friendship. So she hides her love between Kathir and Keethi.

Poovarasi Mother

Poovarasi family is very rich family, she loves her daughter very much. Poovarasi grand father also loves her much. So very one wants Poovarasi will be happy forever.

They agrees Kathir loves and fix marriage between Poovarasi and Kathir. Now Keerthi got upset but she said to kathir please forget me and marry my friend.

Kathir Don't like to Marry Poovarasi

He can't able to forget Keerthi. but at one stage both poovarasi and kathir got married. At first night someone mix something in milk. So Poovarasi become unconscious. That time Kathir said everything about keerthi and his love story.

She hears everything and decided to take divorce. But the lawyer said at least you need to live together 1 year. after that only you can get divorce. So both came back to house.

Kathir Starts Love Poovarasi

At night time both were sleep together in the same bed. He woke at midnight and saw Poovarasi face and hip. She is very beautiful girl. and also her character is very good. So he started love her. He did not want to go away anywhere with wife.

Keerthi Memory Loss

Next day both went to Chennai and they saw keerthi. she lost her memory. she did not know about kathir and her love. Now her friend want to give proper medicine and marry Kathir and Keerthi. how this will happen and what are the problems they are facing is the remaining story.

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