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Friday, November 20, 2020

Roja Serial Story Review First on net

 Roja Serial Story Review


There is nothing special in this serial. as usual a family always hate the heroin, and in most of the sun tv serials are two girl likes one boy. In realty lot of boy loves a single girl but she will reject everyone. But In sun tv only you can see all girls love a boy.

Cast: Arjun, Roja, Anu, Patti 


Arjun is a famous lawyer he don't like marry any girl. but in his family they are trying to fix marriage for Anu and Arjun. But he don't like that girl, because of her character is not so much. Finally Arjun meets Roja for one case

Arjun Reject Roja to act as his wife. if she does that for him, he will take that case without any cost. Roja don't have money. So she also accept that deal.

Roja Enter into Arjun House

Everyone got shocked about Arjun's activity. No one like Roja in his house. Because she has no parents. Also in Arjun's house all think Anu is the best pair for Arjun. but he did like this.

Patti Reaction

Patti Means Grand mother in Tamil. She always hurt Roja. This is the only job for her. Roja's only job is crying and saying patti. 

Anu Character

She is not from the Arjun family. but she acted she is Arjun's Uncle daughter. So everyone likes her very much more than Roja.

Arjun Character

In this serial they project Arjun is the brilliant Layer, but always his plans are very worst and Anu finds that plan and collapse it. It means Anu is the brilliant. Most of the time he himself  says he is the best lawyer. for one simple case he takes more than 2 years in real life.

Roja Character

She always call her husband as sir. I think no one will call her Husband like this. They show she is very good girl. you can see a human like this only in Sun tv. In real life no one will good like this. Of course this is just a serial. But its not believable.

Is Roja Serial is Good To Watch

In Starting stage this serial looks different and watchable, but nowadays same story going again and gain. So it very boring. But if you don't have 2 TV in your home must watch serial. because most of the ladies like serials. 

But if you have more than one TV in your house means. You are so lucky. 

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