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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Taxiwala Tamil Review 2020

Taxiwala Tamil Review


Taxiwala is a Telugu Movie, later dubbed in Tamil by Vijay Television. Star Vijay started dubbed lot of Telugu movies in recent times. Most of the movies are good to watch. Better than watching the same Tamil movie again and again. Story of Taxiwala is about a rich girl.

Vijay Deverakonda

After Geetha Govindam Vijay got huge fan base in Tamil Nadu. He acted in a Tamil movie NOTA, but its a huge flop movie. But this movie is extra ordinary. everyone must watch.

Full Review

Cast : Vijay Devarakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar, Malavika Nair, etc.

Hero Shiva want to buy a new car but he don't have that much of money. So he decided to buy a second hand car. He asked help from his friends. both went to Second hand car shop. He don't like any car. Finally he selected one car. That was a very old car. so everyone said don't buy this car, because you can find even spare parts for this car.

But Shiva bought that car and joins Private Call Taxi. He repainted the car so every one likes his car. Shiva life change into next level because of this car. But after few days they realize there is ghost inside that car. That ghost is Malavika. She cleans the car daily. Vijay friend got afraid of ghost. so they call one fake priest and ask help. He tries to theft the car and run away. 

Everyone is Happy 

Vijay and his friends are now happy because there is no ghost in there house. But next day morning the car came to there house. So they starts think that ghost daily cleans the car and also very powerful anti-theft is also available. 

One day night Vijay sleep and trying to hit on a lorry. But the ghost saved Vijay's life. So he loves the ghost. He want to become friend of that ghost. There was a small doll in the car. He ask that ghost shall we become friends. But the doll fall down. Vijay again drives in night time.

Ghost Kill Old Man

One day night that ghost kill one old man who travels in the Vijay's car. He said so many times but that ghost did not care about his voice. So Vijay got afraid of that ghost. and he plans to meet the old owner of the car. 

Meet Owner

He tells something about that car. That car was owned by malavika she loves that car very much. Her mother was killed by someone. So malavika asks help from her professor to sperate her soul and body to find how her mother died.  She find how her mother died but unfortunately she can't able to come to her body. Her soul got stuck in her car.

everyone decided malavika was died. Shiva went to hospital and take the body to rejoin her soul and her body. but Villain don't allow to do that process.


During the fight between Shiva and the local rowdy malavika body and burned and villain also dead. Now malavika cannot able to enter her body. How she came to a new body is the remaining story

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