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Friday, November 20, 2020

Which is Best Mobile Samsung or Xiaomi

 Comparison of Samsung and Xiaomi

Top Mobile Brands

There are lot of mobile brands available right now, but all are not so good. Some mobile are good in their price range, and other mobile are good in camera quality. if you want everything to be good. you need to spend some money. Best brand for Mobiles are Samsung and Apple mobile only.

Apple Mobile

If you want to buy a best mobile in all categories, the best choice is Apple only. The camera performance is very good in this mobile which is almost equal to professional camera. You cannot take your camera to anywhere. In that situation you can use this camera. 

Everything is good in this mobile, but if you don't want to spend more money for mobile device. you can choose another brands.


Samsung is also a very good mobile device. this mobile is available in all price point. Quality of this brand is very good. but Not same as Apple. I personally faced display problem in this brand. But display quality of the picture is very very good when compare to any mobile devices in the world.

Most of the people buy this mobile only for its crystal clear display.


LED display is good to watch movies and play games. but in some devices you may face flickering problem. Now lot of mobile brands are using this AMOLED display, because its quality only. But LCD display is good for long time mobile users.


This is also a most famous brand, people likes this brand only because of its quality and price. it's a china brand. Almost most of the china brand is not so good in all. But this mobile quality is good. camera quality is not good as Samsung. But lot of paid reviewers will tell wrong review about the phone.


Xiaomi Redmi brand is a cheap quality mobile phone. so you must need to use mobile case to protect your mobile display. They can say anything like they are using gorilla glass. But I personally have this brand mobile phone. I dropped one time and my display got broken. 

Then I went to local authorized service center and change my display. they charged me almost 5000 Indian rupees.

Which one I need To Choose Samsung or Xiaomi

Both mobile are good in different categories. if you want a mobile with high performance, you can choose Xiaomi. But you must use mobile case otherwise if you drop your mobile it may broke. Samsung is good in all specs but the price is little bit higher than all mobile mobiles.

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