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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Barathi Kannama Serial Main Theme Story

Barathi Kannama Review


Barathi Kannama serial is one of the famous serial in Vijay TV. Barathi and Kannama starts love together and get married. Venba is a friend of Barathi, She loves him very much so she don’t like kannama. She made Barathi and Kannama separate.

Cast : Barathi, Kannama, Venba, Anjali, Akhil, Soundarya

Venba’s Love

Venba is a doctor who studied together with Barathi in college. She loves him very much but during college time he loves another girl Hema. Venba is a best friend of barathi. She don’t like that hema also. Luckly hema died. So venba got another chance to marry barathi.

Kannama Entry

After Hema. Barathi like Kanamma very much and both get married. Venba said Kannama is not a good girl. She had affairs with another boy varun

About Varun

Varun is a good boy. She is good friend of Kannama and he thinks her as his own sister only. But whenever he meets Kannama Barathi thinks both are love together.


Soundarya is a bold lady and She is mother of Barathi. Starting She don't like Kannama but later she likes her because her activities.

Barathi and Kannama Sperated

Both were sperated. Barathi said that baby is not my baby. she said if you have any doubt come with me for DNA test. But he is not ready for that. he already tested himself for sperm count. The results came it's impossible to make a baby by himself. this is the only reason why Barathi always hates his wife.

Venba Marriage

She plans to marry Barathi. but Soundary came to temple and stops the marriage. The Barathi went to his home with his mother. now 8 years passed. Kannama went to one village. the babies were grone up.

Barathi family went to kannama village to give free treatment for poor people. both babies were meet each other and fight for some silly reason. then both loved together.

Missing Parents

both babies are missing there parents. one baby miss her father and the another one miss her mother. one day barathi wake and see the date. its his wife birthday. he did not like that date. That time Soundary came and said just forget everything about what happened in your past start a new life. barathi starts thinking about it.


How Barathi and Kannma loves together again. What are the thinks venba did to barathi's life is the remaning story.

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