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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

How To install Android Mobile OS

 How To install Android Mobile OS


Android is a mobile Operating System developed by google. Nowadays everyone using android mobile only. iOS is also very famous mobile OS. But the cost is very high when compare to the android mobile. So lot of people likes android. if you have money best choice is iOS.

Nokia Symbian

Before android launch Nokia mobile very popular. The quality of Nokia is incomparable to any mobile till now. Samsung launches their 1st android mobile with dual sim. Samsung is also very good brand but people don't like buy any other mobile except Nokia. only because of its quality.


Samsung is a television manufacturing company. There produce good quality of TV. so people starts buying their TV. Then they start producing mobile. initially only few people bought that mobile. but later they introduce dual sim card mobiles. So lot of people starts buying Samsung mobiles.

Android OS on Samsung

Galaxy S is the first android flagship model with lot of good features. Camera clarity also really good. then they launch s2 and s3. People starts liking the android mobile. Display quality also very good in Samsung.

How to install OS

To install android OS manually, you need some additional software like odin. By using that software you can install OS on any samsung mobile. Installation method may be differ from one mobile brand to another mobile brand.

Download OS

First download the OS from the official website of your mobile brand. most of the brand will not allow you to install OS manually due to avoid brick of your mobile phones. before download any custom ROM make sure that will specially made for your mobile model. if you install other model OS to your mobile makes your phone brick.

Odin Installation

Download and install Odin software from its official website and click AP and select the downloaded ROM. and install. during download your mobile may restart few times. So keep your mobile with full charge. 

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