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Friday, January 15, 2021

How to Reduce hair loss Naturally

 How to Reduce hair loss

Reason For Hair Loss

There are so many reasons for hair loss. but you can cure all hair loss problems. First you need to know why your hair is falling down. Most of the people are having dandruff in there head. this is one of the main reason for Hair loss.

Avoid Dandruff

Keep your head always clean. You may need to use good anti dandruff shampoo to clean that dandruff in your head. But don't wash too many times because it may leads your hair more week. After head wash you must not comb or touch your head for 10 minutes. During that time your hair will be wet condition. So it may easily fall down.

Normal Hair fall Count

Lot of doctors saying 100 hair loss per day. but if you found 100 hairs per within one month your total hair will fall down. You must not see more than 10 hairs in your comb. that is normal hair fall problem. May 100 hair loss per day is not noticeable. 

Good Foods

You must take good quality food like nuts and dates. it helps very much to control the hair loss. Sleep is the best treatment for hair loss. if you sleep before 10pm you will get enough rest to your brain. always keep your mind free. Don't use mobile phone too many hours. use it only if you really have some important work in the mobile.

Keep Your Mind Free

Take enough oxygen and always keep your mind free and enjoy your life even if you have too many problem in your life. Getting worry is not the solution for nothing. So keep your mind free and be happy. Within one or two months your hair fall will come down.

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