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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

How To Use Photoshop and its Features

How To Use Photoshop and its Features

Photo Editing 

Adobe company launches lot of editing software for both video and photo. Most famous product of Adobe is Photoshop. Still now lot of people using photoshop 7 in old computers. By using photoshop you can edit your photo as like your wish. here we can discuss something about it.


There are lot of useful tools are available in photo shops. some of them are

  • Stamp
  • Blur
  • Shape
  • Pen
  • Selection
  • arrow
  • brush

These are the tools which are commonly used by the photoshop users. lets see everything one by one in detail.

Stamp Tool

Stamp tool is used to copy a certain place and paste it into another place. this feature is very useful to remove the marks in the face and other parts of the body or where you want to remove certain part of the picture.

Blur Tool

This is also very useful to increase skin tone in your photos. It gives a shiny look to you face. you can remove pimples in your face by using this blur tool.

Shape Tool

By using this tool you can create any shape like squares rectangle or any symbols. You can type anything inside the rectangle tool. also you can change the color of the rectangle.

Brush Tool 

This is very common tools in any photo editing applications. you may already use this tool in MS paint application. color options available in this tool. also lot of brushes are available. So that you can draw any kind of lines by using this tool.

Pen Tool

Pen tool is used to select certain part of the image. for example if you want to change the background of your passport size photo that time you may need to cut the unwanted background of your photo. For that time this tool will be very useful.

Other Tools

There are lot tools available in the photoshop so that you can do whatever you like to do in the photoshop. If you have any doubts in the above tools. comment below we will reply as soon as possible. we may upload separate video for all tools in the photoshop in the future.

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