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Sunday, January 17, 2021

How to Increase your Eye sight Naturally without medicine

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Improve your eye sight in natural ways

Nowadays lot of people suffering eye sight problem because of their activities. almost everyone using mobile for long time. this is one of the main reason for losing eye sight in a short period. Every parts of our body needs some rest except the heart.

How much Time Need Rest for eyes

Lot of schools and college students are playing mobile gaming without rest. this cause our eye become so tried. Even some of them are not sleeping in the night time. So my suggestion you you can use your mobile for 3 to 4 hours only.

Best Foods to Increase Eye sight


It will be very helpful to increase your immunity power. So all of your body become active. Especially drumsticks leaves gives you very good benefits within a month. So you find this in your near by market you must eat these kind of the Spinach.


Carrot is also one of the best vegetable will increase the power of your eyes. Most of the children likes  to eat this without boil. Taste of the carrot is far better than any spinach. so if you don't like to eat spinach you can eat carrot in your daily life.

Custard Apple

Custard Apple taste is really very very good to eat. everyone will like this fruit. This will help you to increase the power of your eyes. If you have enough immunity power in your body you will not face any kind of health issues including hair loss.

Main reason for eye sight lose

Mobile Games

Nowadays almost everyone is playing pubg mobile. even aged person are also playing these type of mobile games. they spend lot of money in these kind of games.

The main theme of the game is to kill everyone in the games. 100 online player will play in this game you just need to kill each and everyone who joined in the game. you can play with your friends with voice chat. So almost everyone is got addicted for this type of games.

Time killer

If you play these kind of game the time will go very fast. These makes your entire body become so tried. after that you may not concentrate on anything in your day today life. if you are a student you should fix some time to play games.

Some of other best food for eyes are Fish, nuts, egg, water, Drinking enough water keeps your body cool that will be very good for health.

If you have any doubt fell free to comment below we will help you.

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