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Sunday, January 17, 2021

What Happen If You Eat Fig Daily | Medical Benefits of Fig Furits


Fig is a wonderful fruit. it has lot of nutrients. if you eat this fruits daily means you don't need to go hospital for your lifetime. You can get that much of energy from this fruit.

This fruit taste is soo good. There are two type of fig are available one is normal fruit. you can directly pick it from the tree. and the another one is dry fruit.

Medical Benefits

It has lot of medical benefits especially it helps for digestion. So if you have any digestion problem eat his fruit for 30 days continuously. After 30 days it will give amazing changes in your body.

Immunity Power

If you have lack of immunity power in your body it will cause lot of problem in your body. First it your digestion will affect. If that happens. you will not get enough energy from the food. It has lot netrins so it will increase your immunity power.

Blood Sugar level

If you eat this continuously it will help you to maintain the blood sugar level of your body. So whenever you want to drink juice from the restaurant try to select this kind of fruits.

Control Constipation 

Lot of people suffers from constipation. For this this is one of the best solution. it will thin the stool and reduce the problem of constipation within a month. taking tablets will not will give good solution. may be it is good for some people. but each and everyone needs enough energy from their food. for the digestion is very important. so eat this fig and avoid all kind of digestion problems.

Skin Tone

You don't need to use any kind of farness cream. If you have all energy in your body you will not face any kind of problems. that means you will become so beautiful. Don't need to go any beauty parlor to maintain your skin tone. Your skin will become natural beauty.

Hair and Brain function

At last only energy will go to hair and brain. that's why lot of people suffering hair loss problem. taking medicine is not the permanent solution for any disease. it only give temporary solution. Coconut oil is also very helpful to control the hair loss problem. but if must have all kind of energy. then only all external oil or medicine will give good results.

So eat all kind of fruits, do some regular exercise and be happy and enjoy your life. 

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