ஆசிரியர் தகுதித் தேர்வு தேர்ச்சி சான்றிதழ் ஆயுள் முழுவதும் செல்லும் - பள்ளிக் கல்வித் துறை அரசாணை வெளியீடு!!!

 ஆசிரியர் தகுதித் தேர்வு தேர்ச்சி சான்றிதழ் ஆயுள் முழுவதும் செல்லும் - பள்ளிக் கல்வித் துறை அரசாணை வெளியீடு!!!


In the Government Order 1st read above, the Teachers Recruitment Board has been designated as the nodal agency for conducting Teacher Eligibility Test and recruitment of teachers. In the said Government orders, guidelines have also been issued in accordance with guidelines framed by the NCTE for conducting Teacher Eligibility Test, under the heading "Frequency of conduct of TET and validity period of TET Certificate" in the guidelines it has been stated that the appropriate Government should conduct a TET at least once every year. The validity Period of TET qualifying certificate for appointment will be decided by the appropriate Government subject to a maximum of seven years for all categories. But there will be no restriction on the number of attempts a person can take for acquiring a TET certificate. A person who has qualified TET may also appear again for improving his/her score". 

2. In the letter 2nd read above, the Member Secretary, National Council for Teacher Education in her letter dated 09.06.2021 has stated that in accordance with the decision of the National Council for Teacher Education in its 50th General Body meeting and the approval of the MOE, the validity of TET certificate has been extended to life time and accordingly substituted the guidelines for validity of TET certificate as "The Validity Period of TET qualifying Certificate for appointment, unless otherwise notified by the appropriate Government, would remain valid for life". She has further stated that since this provision would have retrospective effect from the date of enforcement of TET Guidelines i.e. 11.02.2011, the concerned Body / Statement Government/UT is to take necessary action to revalidate/issue fresh TET certificate to those candidates whose period of seven years has elapsed. 

3. In the letter 31 read above, the Chairperson, Teachers Recruitment Board has requested to issue necessary amendment to the Government order first read above. (P.T.O)

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